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Andrew Piazza


Born in 1999 in Clearwater, Florida, Andrew Piazza is currently based in Orlando, Florida where he is attending school at the time. Being born near the waterways of Clearwater, Andrew has grown up fishing and free diving the inshore and offshore waters of the Gulf Coast as well as the Florida Keys and Everglades. Andrew's father instilled his passion's into him at a young age, taking him on the ocean every chance he had. An outdoor enthusiast and nature lover, his father was always looking for the next outdoor adventure and would be sure to have Andrew right at his side. During those trips, Andrew gained a love and appreciation for everything the outdoors had to offer and from that point on, he was hooked. Andrew's passion today is still as strong as it has ever been and he travels around Florida every chance he gets. Wild Florida holds a special place in Andrew's heart. From its coastlines to its salt marshes to its swamps and bayous, Andrew hopes to use his new found love for photography to capture and share everything this state has provided for him with everyone who has, or hasn't, experienced Florida's beauty and tranquility.

Currently, Andrew is studying for a business degree in Orlando, Florida. With no formal photography education, the only education Andrew has is everything he has been able to teach himself over the last few years as well as online educational videos and attending photography workshops in his free time. Photography is a newly developed passion for Andrew that he developed only a few years back. After fishing with his friends and traveling to truly beautiful places around the state, Andrew invested in his first camera because he felt that he needed to be able to capture and share the beauty that he was fortunate to experience with others. After only a few trips, Andrew fell in love with photography and has been working to turn his passion from a hobby into a lifestyle. This is just the beginning of Andrew's journey with a photography career and he sincerely appreciates everyone that takes the time to check out his work as well as any feedback, good or bad, you may have to offer. He hopes you enjoy the prints he offers because he feels they portray some of Florida's finest moments.

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